Garden Fencing Materials


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AUTUMNAL SPECIALS- Limited Time Offers

CLOSEBOARD FENCE SPECIAL 6ft High Closeboard Fence

BEST PRICE 6" Recessed Concrete Gravel Boards

BEST PRICE 5ft 6" Premium Closeboard Fence Panels


Closeboard Fence Panel Kits

7ft High Fence-First bay £99.60 Additional bays @ £80.10

6ft High fence- First bay £91.10 Additional bays @ £73.60

5ft 6" High Fence -First bay £88.00 Additional bays @ £70.50

5ft High Fence- First bay £87.10 Additional bays @ £69.60

4ft High Fence- First bay £85.60 Additional bays @ £68.10

3ft 6" High Fence- First bay £82.50 Additional bays @ £65.00

Contractor Range Closeboard Fence Panels

Our 'Contractor' Range Tanalised Closeboard fence panels were usually only sold to our Trade Account customers but due to the high cost of fencing we are now offering these panels to the public. The contractor range offers the durabilty of our Premium Range Closeboard Panels at just a little more than a Waney Lap panel.

Best Value Closeboard Panel

Contractor 5ft Closeboard fence Panel £34.50

One Off Special £400.00

Fence Panels

Premium Flat top closeboard panels from £33.00

Bow top closeboard panels from £57.00

Waney lap panels from £21.50

Palisade Individual Pales from £1.91

Closeboard Flat Top Raking Panel from £52.50

Closeboard Swept Top Raking Panel from £70.50

Hit & Miss Panels from £95.00

TGV Panel from £100.00

12" Flat top height extension trellis panel £45.00

18"Bow top height extension trellis panel £55.00

Standard Trellis From £20.00

Palisade Panels from £30.00

Fence Posts & Gravel Boards

Concrete slotted posts from £17.30

Concrete corner post from £36.50

Concrete Gravel boards from £14.00

Concrete End Post £29.40

Concrete Repair Spur £23.36

Concrete morticed posts from £24.00

Concrete 2.885m gravel board £37.15

6" Timber gravel board from £7.63

4x4 Timber posts from £9.72

4x4 Slotted Timber post from £12.72

Timber morticed posts from £12.72

3 x 3 Timber posts from £5.47

Post Mix, Ballast & Cement

Maxi bag of Ballast -approx. 800kg £44.00

Mini bag ballast 20kg £2.65

Fence Postmix £4.00

General Purpose Cement 20kg £4.50

Individual Fencing & Landscaping Items

Railway sleeper £30.00

Decking £3.00 per metre

Timber Framework from £2.08 per metre

4" Feather edge boards from £0.88

Arris rails from £6.40

Timber gravel board cleats from £0.80 per pair

Centre stump £2.00

Arris rail brackets & panel clips from £0.50

Fence Panel Cap £3.75

6ft Fence Back Rail £3.85

Fencing tools

6ft Timber Wall plate & fixings from £12.48

Galvanised nails from £4.89

Timber Screws from £5.19 per box

Masonry Bolt from £1.25

Post Saver Sleeve from £3.00