HAYMAC Fencing & Timber Buildings Delivery Terms & Conditions.

  1. HAYMAC deliveries are to a kerbside only location. If you have a driveway which we can get our delivery vehicle to we will leave your delivery on your drive. If we cannot get our delivery vehicle directly outside of your delivery address please already have made arrangements to have help ready to carry the materials from our delivery vehicle to your address. Our delivery driver will only be allowed to offload your delivery to the side of our delivery vehicle; please remember fencing materials can be very heavy. Should you require HAYMAC to carry your materials from our delivery vehicle to your drive or into your back garden there will be an additional chatge made to your delivery- please see item 4.
  2. Please do not ask our delivery driver to carry your materials into your back garden, side alleyway or leave behind your gate or ‘’just slip a fence panel in for me’’ Unfortunately, we do not have the time on deliveries to do this, and we do not wish to offend you by refusing.
  3. If you choose not to be at home to accept delivery of your materials and have requested HAYMAC leave the materials at your address without checks made for damage or quantities HAYMAC will not be liable for any damaged material claim or theft of materials once left at your address. Please always try and arrange for someone to be available to accept your delivery and check the materials and quantity delivered.
  4.  You can by prior arrangement with our office make special arrangements for delivery of your materials. These special arrangements must be annotated on your delivery ticket, so our delivery team are aware of any special arrangements you have made with our office. Please be aware there will be a charge made to accommodate your special delivery arrangements. The minimum charge for this service is £48.00 inclusive of VAT over and above your delivery fee. For large deliveries this additional charge will increase to £96.00 inclusive of VAT. You will be advised at the time of your order which additional charge is applicable to your delivery. 
  5. Any materials that are damaged must be reported to our delivery driver at the time of delivery, any damaged items will be returned to HAYMAC and a replacement made.
  6. Please note items which you have over ordered on cannot be collected and returned to HAYMAC for a full refund. If we have to collect from you you will be charged the same fee for collection as charged for delivery, a 20% handling charge will be deducted from any refund you receive for timber prodcucts and 40% for concrete products. Cement or postmix  may be returned at HAYMAC's discretion but due to damage to bags not being easiliy identifiable  if a return is accepted the refund will be at 50% of the  purchase value. Materials that you request a refund on will be checked for damage before HAYMAC accept back for a refund. Damaged items will not be collected or accepted for return and are for your disposal. Please make sure any items you want collecting for a refund are at the front of your property or at the original delivery location.