Can You Trust Some Other Shed Manufacturers?

Please click on the little man to find out the basic problems with some shed manufacturers construction methods and the  materials used and find out how they really don’t tell you the whole truth about their shed construction.

Why Buy Our Proshop?

  • Our Proshop range buildings are a superior grade of timber workshop, this building is designed and constructed for the person who wants a building that is a step above a hobbiest workshop. With its heavier construction framework, floor and roof, this building is suitable for housing heavy machinery and tools. With so many size variations, optional extras & upgrades and the facility to have your windows and doors fitted wherever you want and the option to have it built to your exact size, it isn’t any wonder this is a very popular building with professional tradesmen who like to work from home whenever possible. Please click the link above to see what you need to avoid in the manufacture of your new garden workshop.
  • The timber sizes quoted are the actual timber sizes used in our construction - we do not quote you the nominal size of the timber used as this can easily confuse someone who does not work in the timber industry as a nominal timber of 50mm x 38mm actually is only 38mmx 32mm after it has been machined to size! By quoting nominal timber sizes, other shed companies can make their shed framing appear bigger than it really is.
  • The Proshop is a step above a standard workshop, please do not confuse this building with ones for sale in your local DIY store or other manufactures who only offer low quality 'budget' buildings which are only 'dip treated' or 'solvent based treated' and have very low internal headroom, the Proshop doesn’t compare in its construction methodology, build quality and material used. Click on the hammer below to view the full build specification.
  • We quote you both the internal heights and external heights of our timber buildings, most other manufacturers & suppliers only quote the external heights as this is always the tallest measurement, making their buildings appear bigger than they really are when you are inside the shed, the measurements you need to know are the internal ones!
  • Our Apex Proshops have an internal head room of 1.97m (6ft 5.5") at the eaves and 2.19m (7ft 2") at the apex, this is much higher than nearly all other manufacturers who normally only quote 6ft at the apex externally which may equate to only 5ft 7" internally (1.7m). Externally the Apex Proshop is 2.1m at the eaves (6ft 11") and 2.365m (7ft 9") at the apex. Our Pent Proshops have similar heights to the high and low sides.  Each Proshop is constructed in our onsite workshops by our skilled craftsmen. Proshops are available in standard sizes from 1.2m wide x 1.2m long  (4ft x 4ft) to 3.6m  wide x 9.0m long  (12ft x30ft) built to under 2.5m high.
  • Each Proshop is constructed in our onsite workshops by our skilled craftsmen. Proshops are available in standard sizes from 1.2m wide x 1.5m long (4ft x 5ft) up to 3.6m wide x 9.0m long (12ft x30ft) and 3.9m wide  x 1.8m  long (13ft x 6ft) up to 6.0m wide x 3.6 long (20ft x 12ft) all built to under 2.5m high. The width is always the Apex (gable end) of our buildings when requesting a building size.
  • We can build your Proshop larger if required; please contact us with the size you need. Your Proshop can be built to your exact size requirement so you can utilise the space you need your building to fit into without wasting space at no extra cost, only pay for the nearest standard size building.

Your Proshop will require weatherproofing and painting immediately after installation; please review our information sheet on weatherproofing and painting your new timber building at the bottom of this page.

Proshop Optional Extras

Options available;

  • Available from 4ft wide x 5ft long up to 12ft wide x 30ft long & 13ft wide x 6ft long up to 20ft wide x 12ft long as standard sizes.
  • Built to your exact size if a standard size doesn’t suit.
  • Fully bespoke larger size buildings available.
  • Windows and doors where you want them.
  • Internal partitions & internal lining.
  • Extra windows, both opening and fixed.
  • Extra doors,  extra wide doors & summerhouse glazed doors, double doors & stable doors.
  • Lean to side store & open fronted garden tools/log store.
  • Guttering.
  • Concrete base.
  • Timber frame base, frame only and frame with post supports.
  • Self install - REDUCED COST OPTION.
  • Supplied & installed.
  • Electric Pack.
  • Your old shed removed & disposed of.

Click on the pictures below to view full size gallery.

We Can Remove Your Old Shed Ready For Your New One

We can dismantle and dispose of your old shed for you if you are replacing it with one of our HAYMAC timber buildings.

The cost for this service is dependent on the size of your old shed. Please note the price for this service assumes the old shed is empty of all contents and any rubbish and has not been lined with any timber or other types of boarding. The price for this service does not include the removal of any form of base your old shed has been erected on.


Please review our garden building information sheets.

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