Planning & Building Regulation Compliance

Our timber buildings are built to be compliant with the Permitted Development legislation which allows you to install a timber building in your garden as long as the building and its size and location fit in with what is permitted, in general, you can install a building up to 4.0m high with an Apex roof, up to 3.0m high with a mono-pitch roof (pent) and eave height not exceeding 2.5m as long as the building is 2.0m away from any boundary.
As most peoples gardens are not big enough to give 2.0m clearance from any boundary, the Permitted Development legislation allows you to install a timber building within 2.0m of any boundary as long as the maximum height of the building does not exceed 2.5m. No matter what style of roof you choose, our Hobbyshop, Proshop, Cotswold & Provance Summerhouses under 3.6m wide on the gable (Apex) end all fit this criterion except for some of the larger floor area buildings which may require Building Regulation compliance depending on the installation location in your garden. All of our cabins in the standard sizes also fit into this criteria.
Please note timber buildings are not Permitted Development if installed in front of the principal elevation of your house.
You will need to be aware that when installing a timber building within 1.0m of any boundary, Building Regulation compliance is necessary if the floor area of the building exceeds 15 square meters, if the building is 1.0m away from any boundary, Building Regulation compliance is required when the floor area exceeds 30 square meters.
While HAYMAC makes every effort to ensure your building will be compliant to Permitted Development and Building Regulation compliance, it will be your sole responsibility to ensure the building you have purchased and installed is allowed under both of these legislated constraints. If you have any doubt, please contact your local Planning & Buildings Regulations Compliance authority.
Please click on the Planning Portal Summary button below to read the Government summary on outbuildings Permitted Development and Buildings Regulations Compliance. 


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