The Hobbyshop is our best selling garden builidng offering best value for money whilst maintaining excellent build quality & materials with the added benefit of being a full height building unlike many garden shed manufacturers which offer buildings which have reduced heights to save on maufacturing time and costly materials.

Our Proshop workshops offer fantastic value for money available in Apex & Pent roof designs. These buildings are truly a professional range of buildings and are suitable for  heavy machinery and tooling. A great option for light industrial operations or for someone who wants just that little bit more from their timber workshop.




We build two styles of summerhouses – the Cotswold & the Provance. Our Cotswold summerhouse is a traditional design and remains our most popular model offering a timeless classic design which will blend into any garden; these buildings can be constructed with or without the veranda and canopy overhang. Our Provance summerhouse is designed to fit into the corner of your garden but is equally suitable in any garden location, the Provance is a more contemporary looking building with options for full or half glazed windows & doors, with its hipped roof and '50 pence' front facade the Provance summerhouse will be a feature focal point in any garden. Our summerhouses are an exceptionally beautiful range of garden buildings.  

Our Mini & Mini XL & Tool Tidy range make a great alternative to a full-size garden shed when space is at a premium. Our log stores keep your logs undercover & still allow airflow, so your logs are ready for burning on those cold winter days. We can also construct your mini or log store and tool tidy to any exact size you need so you can utilise the space you need your building to fit into without wasting space at no extra cost only pay for the nearest standard size building.

Cabins & Home Offices

Hunters Cabin

Deco Elite Cabin

Deco Cabin

Garden cabins are becoming very popular with families needing extra space, our gardens have now become an extension to our homes, and with one of our cabins you can utilise the extra space your garden can provide for a home office, weekend temporary accommodation or just somewhere to spend a little quiet relaxation time.  Each one of our cabins is constructed in our onsite workshops by our skilled craftsmen.  We manufacture the Hunters Cabin which is a very traditional apex roof style cabin, the Deco Cabin which is very much a contemporary design with a flat roof and our top of the range Deco Elite Cabin which has a concealed flat roof, galvanised metal accents to the roof and corners.  

Bespoke Shepherds Huts

Why not have something a little different in your garden? Our shepherds’ huts can be made as a static hut or fully towable. Great as a home office or weekend accommodation.

Our potting sheds are constructed around our Hobbyshop build specification for the single-sided glazed pent roof model with the double-sided glazed apex roof potting shed being constructed on the Proshop build specification. These buildings would be a credit and an asset to any Gardener, from novice to seasoned expert. Our Potting shed buildings are a very traditional styled range of garden buildings.   


A timber garage is a very cost-effective building when compared to a brick-built garage. We manufacture and install single & double garages from 3.0m x 3.6m (10ft x 12ft) to 3.6m x 10m (12ft x 30ft) and double garages from 4.8m x 4.8m (16ft x 16ft) to 7.2m x 10m (24ft x 30ft). We also build fully bespoke larger garages, please contact us with the size you need, check with your local planning authority if you require a large garage to confirm if you need planning consent, you can use our information sheet on permitted development to assist you in the first instance. Each one of our garages is constructed in our onsite workshops by our skilled craftsmen.  Your garage can be built to your exact size requirement so you can utilise the space you need your building to fit into without wasting space at no extra cost only pay for the nearest standard size building. 

Our children's playhouse hark back to an almost forgotten time when children played in the garden, we have seen over the past few years a resurgence for more traditional family values, and once again younger children are reaping the benefits of outdoor play. We build three styles of children's playhouses. The  Lodge Playhouse is the entry-level and provides a pleasant little playhouse where your children can spend many happy hours outside but still be inside if the weather proves to be inclement. The Country Cottage Playhouse has all the 'bells & whistles' and is very much more for that very special child who loves to be outside. The Country Cottage has window boxes, scalloped barge boards and a roof design which allows easy installation of guttering. The Mansion Playhouse being two-storey, has a second-floor covering half the width of the playhouse accessed by a small ladder with handrail and is a home away from home for any child. Each one of our playhouses is constructed in our onsite workshops by our skilled craftsmen. Playhouses are available in standard sizes from 1.2m x 1.2m (4ft x 4ft) to 2.4m x 1.8m (8ft x 6ft) depending on the model chosen, we offer a  fully bespoke playhouse build so can build your playhouse larger if needed, please contact us with the size you need.

Bespoke Builds

Not everyone wants a building that is standard and ''off the peg'', sometimes we want something just that little bit different from everyone else. Why not design what you want, call in to see us with your drawing or even come in with just an idea and we can, with your input, design and build your unique design garden building.

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