1.1 HAYMAC offer a 12 month guarantee against material defect and workmanship.

1.2 No guarantee is given or implied for the roofing felt or Corrugated roof sheeting used on timber buildings- we only use a high grade Polyester based roofing felt with a high resistance to tearing or Onduline corrugated roofing sheets but due to installation location and weather conditions affecting the life of a felted or corrugated roof we cannot offer any guarantee on the lifespan of your roof covering.

1.3 Timber is a natural product and will suffer from cracks, splits, shrinkage, expansion, warping and twisting which is not considered to be a material defect and is not detrimental to the timber or the product it is used for and as such is not covered by our 12 month material defect guarantee.

1.4 Shiplap boards used for the construction in timber buildings will have knots- these knots may become loose and fall from the cladding- this is not a defect as timber is a natural product and as such is not covered by our 12 month material defect guarantee.

1.5 HAYMAC offer a 1yr guarantee against timber rot on our Tanalised timber cladding- this guarantee allows for the replacement of the parts that have suffered timber decay. Our 1yr  guarantee is limited to the replacement of parts only and offers no costs against labour to replace or repair , delivery or installation costs or any consequential loss attributed to the defect. The 1yr guarantee on our Tanalised timber cladding is limited to buildings  that have been  installed by HAYMAC and and adequately weatherproofed by the purchaser, are installed at a level above ground which ensures contact with the soil / ground moisture has been avoided for the life of the product as installed and that general maintenance has been regularly under taken within the guidelines for maintenance of the product- see our product care sheets for more detail. Damage & decay due missuse of the building is not covered by our guarantee.

1.6 HAYMAC offer no guarantee against any timber product that is in contact with the ground / soil against timber rot. 

1.7 All guarantees are limited to the original purchaser and will only be upheld on production of your original receipt.

1.8 All timber doors & gates are subject to twisting and warping, please treat your new building doors or gates completely as soon as it has been installed with a good quality stain or paint designed for the treatment of exterior timber joinery quality products to help against the timber absorbing moisture during rain and changes of ambient air moisture content.  Please avoid using basic  / cheap treatments such as fencing grade paints as these are not suitable for your  building doors or gates. HAYMAC will not be responsible for your door or gate twisting due to timber being a natural product and as such is not classed as a defect and covered by our guarantee.

1.9 The Tanalised timber cladding used in the production of our timber buildings is not water repellent , all timber buildings will require weatherproofing and painting after installation, HAYMAC accept no responsibility for timber buildings suffering water penetration due to inadequate weatherproofing and painting, please follow our guidance notes on how to weatherproof your new timber building.


1.11 No guarantee is given against any form of storm damage or other natural and unavoidable catastrophes.

                                                                                            Please always follow the guidance notes provided for caring for your product.