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The easy way to order your complete new fence. Choose the height of the fence you want to install, click 'Buy Fence' and then just add the number of extra fence bays you need from the drop-down menu, please remember your first starter fence bay kit is always ‘ready to buy’ and comes with 2 fence posts, each additional fence bay comes with only 1 fence post and is to be added from the drop-down menu.

Choose to add your rapid set post mix or ballast and cement, choose to buy any installation tools you need and you will then have everything you need to install your new fence.

If you do not need the 2 fence posts in the starter kit because you are installing your fence as a continuation from an existing fence post, please select the 'no starter fence bay kit' from the drop-down menu and your price will be reduced by the price of the extra fence post.

Add a corner post in exchange for a standard intermediate fence post or an additional standard fence post to make your corner return.

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